"He then talked to his table for a week to see how it would react."

Douglas Adams,
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.


Pinch ol' Santa 2


Santa is on his way to the chimneys of your town. You have recently hung up some lametta and lamps, to get the full Xmas feeling out of the season. You look through your window, out of your room at the roofs of a town somewhere in Switzerland. As you admire the lamps and the scenery in general, you see Santa. And there he is, running across that roof on the left of your window.

This is where the game starts.

Get further infos and the game here: http://www.swordlord.com/games/posa.html.

There is an older version which runs on a Macintosh prior OS X. You can get it here: http://www.swordlord.com/games/pincholsanta.html.

Macintosh OS 9 Macintosh OS X Windows Linux image

Mildew - the one and only Mac Jump 'n Run


Mildew is an award winning software and one of the first *real* Jump 'n Run games for the Mac. Travel through 8 stunning levels and get back all you lost.

Get Mildew at: http://www.swordlord.com/games/mildew.html

Macintosh OS 9

Santatris Win32 - Santa's Own Tetris


Santa is on his way to the chimneys of your town. He fills up your chimney as much as he can. So you start to group the parcels to get more! This Tetris clone is the first WIN32 Software by SwordLord.

Find Santatris at: http://www.swordlord.com/games/santatris.html.


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