"He then talked to his table for a week to see how it would react."

Douglas Adams,
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.


About "SwordLord - the coding crew"

SwordLord - the coding crew (SwordLord) is an international society of technology interested lifeforms. SwordLord is non profit oriented.

The main goal is to help understand more about technologies and reconnoitre its new frontiers. The organisation acts as the enabler of this purpose. It currently does so by providing tech mentoring and support (webspace, hardware, software, assistance and other juicy wossnames) to its members and other organisations.

All members of SwordLord bear nicknames for two reasons: On the one hand to bestow some privacy when acting for SwordLord. On the other hand every member's deeds automatically helps advertise the crew and its goals.

Contact SwordLord via LordAdmin at lordadmin@swordlord.com for further details.