"He then talked to his table for a week to see how it would react."

Douglas Adams,
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.



In the history of SwordLord we mostly concentrated on the soft part of the "talking to hardware" motto. In recent years we changed that a bit. We invested in a new soldering iron (we apportion it) and intensified the direct talk to the hardware.

We also thought long about the fact, that talking to hardware does not necessarily need to implicit a soft part at all. And so we started to look into laser and water cutting, 3D printing and whatnot.

We thought we should share what we learned so far and tell you what we are currently working on. And these pages are the result of that. We have no plan on when to release what detail, so please swing by again.

Voguhuus - the flasher bird's house

Take a wooden bird house, add a camera, some electronics, the internet and you get the Voguhuus. A bird house for exhibitionist birds!

The camera within the Voguhuus regularly takes photos and uploads them to a central server. We are looking through the pictures and are uploading the best pics to the Voguhuus Twitter timeline.

Klock - another word clock

You know how this is. You say something to the ladies when you better would keep your mouth shut. And at the end you have to build a word clock. Just to make a point. And this is where we currently are. We work on a word clock clone based on a few LED, some electronics and some lasercut parts. While the prototype works, we still work on the integration of the radio clock component. Because who want's to set a clock manually...

Pingpong Matrix a.k.a. plasma player

LED - and colour LED in special - do have some particular fascination to them. Especially if they glow. We could not resist and made some tests with a matrix of 8x8 RGB LED. The plan is it to hang that matrix over the fireplace, just in front of our (again, single) comfy chair.

For that we built a wooden box and put everything in there. Of course, we will only use it to play old school plasma demos we ported from our old Amiga (yeah, we also shared that one).